Thursday, March 5, 2020

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This Spring, Shell Pendants Might Just Replace Last Year's ...

StyleCaster-Mar. 1, 2019
It's hardly a stretch to make the argument that last year's biggest overarching jewelry trend was the Instagram-famous coin necklace, endorsed by countless ...
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This '90s-Inspired Trend is Backed by Chanel, Versace, and ... 30, 2019
Say goodbye to dainty, barely there jewelry, because the next big thing in baubles is exactly that: Big. Like every other cyclical fashion trend (see: the Princess Di ...
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We're Wearing Anklets (Again), And So Should You 27, 2019
Just like all the other trends we've mentioned, well, we're wearing those now, too. ... Compared to their 90s variations, now thanks to the dainty jewelry trend, ...
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These Fall 2019 Jewelry Trends Will Make You Feel Lavish AF

Elite Daily-Aug. 1, 2019
Sure, a few of the trends like long, delicate earrings and baroque-style pearls lend themselves to more minimal aesthetics, but for the most part, fall jewelry is very ...

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