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#5 Must Have Jewelry Trends For Your Wardrobe

Pensacola Voice-Aug. 30, 2019
I know you do as who wears summer trends in the Fall especially when it comes to jewelry. Before proceeding, let me ask you a question, what you like to wear in ...
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11 Stunning Sets Of Pearl Hoop Earrings On Etsy Under $50

HuffPost-Sep. 11, 2019
... and style trends, but there's only one look we have our ears turned to. According to the trend experts at Etsy, pearl hoops are the fall jewelry trend you're about ...
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Go Bold or Go Home! The 6 Most Unexpected Celebrity ... 27, 2019
... by the way—and dainty jewelry that could easily have been borrowed from the girls. They even dabbled in some of the most surprising womenswear trends of ...
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Puka Shell Jewelry Is Making a Comeback, Y'All

Brit + Co-Apr. 23, 2019
And that was just last week! Well today, we're welcoming the newest '00s trend to come back in full 2019 effect: puka shell jewelry. This unisex and very iconic ...

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