Thursday, March 5, 2020

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The 6 jewellery trends the fashion world can't get enough of ...

Glamour UK-Jun. 4, 2019
Roxanne First, designer behind the eponymous jewellery label, explained to GLAMOUR UK that "being able to personalise a necklace or bracelet is the ultimate ...
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The Enamel Jewelry Trend Is Perfect for Modern Brides 14, 2019
If you're a modern bride in search of distinctive, eye-catching baubles, enamel jewelry is one of the biggest jewelry trends this year, with loads of options on offer.
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SEASONS | Spring to debut in March 2020 with biggest ...

PRNewswire (press release)-Nov. 28, 2019
... are among the highly anticipated fashion jewellery and accessories trends that will be revealed at SEASONS | Spring in March, the rebranded marketplace for ...
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What do the next few years hold for gold jewellery?

Jeweller Magazine-Feb. 14, 2019
The fashion experts are suggesting that one of the major trends to watch for 2019 is layered gold chain. Technically not a new trend, they were revived in a big way ...

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