Friday, October 28, 2016

separate ourselves from being lumped in with the Tahitian 'black pearls'

THE local pearl industry has created history by being included in the World Jewellery Confederation's publication — The Pearl Book — for the first time.

The publication, a product of the World Jewellery Confederation or CBIJO is a record of all the accepted trade practices solely produced to protect consumer confidence.

Fiji pearls will also be included in a publication 'A Guide for Grading Natural & Cultured Pearls', which is a pearl grading system to help retailers and customers know more about the various pearls available and how to grade and value the jewellery.

A statement from J Hunter Pearls said the CBIJO's Pearl Commission was also responsible for documenting the standards of use within the supply chains and consists of highly experienced pearlers including Fiji's own pearl pioneer Justin Hunter.

As a result of the inclusion, Mr Hunter has been invited by CBIJO president Doctor Gaetano Cavalieri to participate as an observer and contribute to panel discussions at the Summit in Armenia this month.

This, Mr Hunter said, was another testament to the growing popularity of this niche, Fijian-made, luxury product .

"From inception we have fought hard to separate ourselves from being lumped in with the Tahitian 'black pearls' by educating our retailers.

"To have finally been acknowledged with our own identity is a great achievement for our fledgling industry as well as the whole country.

"It's an honour to have Fiji pearls recognised at this level, especially among the giants of the industry," Mr Hunter said.

"I'm very humbled to be asked to attend and contribute alongside the other pearlers."

Mr Hunter said Fiji's pearls were all about its special colour and rarity.

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